Tom Barker Cinematographer

Turning Visions into Cinematic Journeys.

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High-Quality Visuals

High quality equipment and methods to suit the story.

Versatile Productions

Specialising in film, commercials, short films, and music videos.

Based in the UK with International Reach

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Making Premium Results Accessible

Maximizing budgets to achieve high-quality production values.

• Cinematographer
• Cosmic Contemplator
• Collaborator

I have shot a number of low budget feature films, having the bare minimum of crew, equipment and resources. I worked to raise the production values using frugal methods and cheap cinematic tricks to get a great image that serves the story.

My mantra is to build on the foundations of effective storytelling to create a product that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Where Style Meets Budget-considerate Expertise.

I rely on the exceptional capabilities of the RED Dragon SW 5k camera. Its remarkable resolution and color accuracy allow me to capture every project with stunning detail and clarity. This camera, paired with RED Cine Zoom lenses, is more than just equipment – it’s an extension of my artistic vision, enabling me to bring a high-quality cinematic feel to every piece, regardless of the project’s budget. This commitment to top-tier technology is fundamental to delivering the best visual experience in all my cinematographic endeavors.

Elevate Your Next Project.

From feature films to commercial and music videos, my experience adds a unique and impactful style to every project.


While each project is different, there are always transferrable skills and experiences

Feature Film

We specialize in bringing a distinctive style to feature films using high-quality 5k RED cameras.


Make your brand stand out with our impactful visual storytelling in commercials.

Short Film

We excel at maximizing budgets to make even low-budget short films look premium.

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